How to Make Your Own Wind Turbine Kits How to Make Your Own Wind Turbine Kits

What You'll Need
PVC pipe
Electric motor
Metal caster
Hollow metal post
Charge controller

You can buy wind turbine kits and pay a great deal of money for them. You will get everything you need to construct your wind turbine and you can be sure that all the pieces will fit together properly. Why not make your own wind turbine kits instead? It’s not especially complex and the components can be easily and cheaply sourced.

Step 1 - Blades

The most important and most visible part of wind turbine kits is the blades. These can be made from PVC piping. You need to cut three V shapes, each of the same size, going from a point and extending about 20 inches. At the widest point the blades should be between 4 inches and 6 inches wide. The shape of the cut pipe will give a scoop effect to move more air.

Step 2 - Motor

There are many kinds of motor available that can be used for wind turbine kits. Old treadmill motors are ideal for this task. For wind turbine kits you’ll need to remove the motor hub and drill through it and a piece of metal, as well as through the blades. This will allow the blades to be bolted to the metal and the hub so the fan can drive the motor.

Step 3 - Assembly

You will need an assembly for the wind turbine kit. This can be made from wood and a larger piece of PVC pipe. It needs to be large enough to house the motor. The pipe will need to be cut along its length. The motor will sit on this, with room for the tail and a vane at the end. A diode will fit behind the motor, attached by wires.

Step 4 - Tower

Wind turbine kits need to sit on top of a tower. The higher the tower the more power they can create. A hollow metal tube is an ideal tower. Using a metal caster with the wheel removed and attached to a metal cap for the tower allows the upper assembly to move with the wind.

Legally, the tower must be secured by guy ropes at every 18 feet of its height. Wind turbine kits should stand at least 20 feet off the ground to be effective. That means one set of guy ropes, which will need to be part of the wind turbine kit.

Step 5 - Electricity

There will need to be enough cabling to reach from the upper assembly to the ground. At the base, you will need an ammeter, a charge controller to avoid spikes of energy and a battery (an old car battery is ideal for this purpose as it will store a charge well). This makes wind turbine kits bulky, but the cost is still much lower than those you’d buy. More than that, recycling components means less material ends up in a landfill.

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