How to Make Your Storm Door Locks the Same as the House Locks How to Make Your Storm Door Locks the Same as the House Locks

Storm door locks are often made of a different locking mechanism to the rest of the home. If you want to install a stronger lock, for example a Yale, then you will need to remove the old lock, and fit a new one. This can be done very quickly by anyone with some basic home improvement tools, simply by following a few instructions.

Materials Needed
  • Screwdriver
  • Pliers
  • New lock
Step 1 - Removing the Old Lock

Secure the storm door using a suitable prop, and then remove the old lock from the door. Most storm door locks are combination handle and locks, so you will need to remove the handle before the new lock can be fitted. The lock should be placed on the door using some simple screws, so remove these, and the handle and lock should pop out. You may need to pull the locking mechanism out with a pair of pliers.

Step 2 - Add the New Lock

Once the old lock has popped out, you should look at the holes you have created in the door, and consider whether the new lock will fit into the old hole. If not, drill a hole before installing the locking mechanism. This should be easily enough fitted, and when this is done, replace the handle in the old position.

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