How to Manually Reset a Ceramic Heater

What You'll Need
Operation manual
What You'll Need
Operation manual

A ceramic heater is among the most common of domestic heating appliances. Consisting of a ceramic plate and aluminum foils, ceramic heaters are powered by electricity. The heat generated within the heater is directed within the room via a fan that blows hot air. Ceramic heaters are preferred for their lightweight construction, easy-to-handle configuration and portability. However, the most appreciable feature of a ceramic heater is its energy savings. These heaters are known for their energy efficiency and many of them are sold with energy ratings which highlights their ability to reduce power bills.

Ceramic Heater Manual Resetting Basics

Manually re-setting a ceramic heater is vital from a functional and security point-of-view. Once set, these heaters don’t need repeated monitoring as the reset preferences are saved and maintained unless, changed again. Being an electronic heating device, the ceramic heater can cause electrical accidents if handled neglectfully. This is more likely to happen in homes with children, wherein the ceramic heater might be accidentally switched-on. Manually resetting the ceramic heater is essentially about resetting the timer.

The timer can be understood as the main, regulatory device in the heater than controls the heating duration of the equipment. This is helpful since once set, the timer ensures that the heater is automatically switched-off within a defined time limit, thereby preventing overheating of the appliance. Most of the contemporary ceramic heaters have a LCD timer. This is useful since the LCD display ensures easy visibility of the timer settings.

Step 1 - Getting Started with Manual Settings in Ceramic Heater

Start by ensuring that the electrical cords of the ceramic heater are tightly connected. Lose wires might switch-off the heater during the setting session which can erase the timer settings. Identify the LCD panel of the ceramic heater. This is rather easy since the panel provides a bright, digital display. The panel contains a "Menu" listing. The menu is essentially a long list of all the product features than can be controlled via manual handling.

Step 2 - Setting Clock Format

Keep scrolling along the menu options to locate the icon of the Timer. This icon is usually in the shape of a clock. Some of models might have the timer function pre-programmed in the automatic mode. Here, you are likely to find another option which allows for manual setting. Search for this option and choose it. Within the timer setting options, tuning the clock is most critical. Most timers will have a pre-programmed clock setting that can be either 24-hour or 12-hour clock. Choose your preferred clock setting.

Step 3 - Setting Timing Preferences of Ceramic Heater

Now, you need to set the heating duration of the ceramic heater. This means that the timer will switch itself on/off according to the chosen time limits. You can set a standard time interval. Setting a medium time interval is recommended as this can prevent accidents along with ensuring proper heating. However, there is a limitation of the heating duration, i.e. a minimum and maximum figure that cannot be breached. Some of the ceramic heater models might ask for a confirmation before exiting the Timer settings while in others, the chosen time duration is automatically interpreted as the user's preference.