How to Mark Angles with a Miter Square

What You'll Need
Marking Knife
Miter square

The miter square is a tool used to measure the angles for mitering joints. You can use this tool to mark out the angles ready for cutting using your miter saw. This will help you to work out the right angles for your job. You can also use them to check the angles of miters after they have been cut.

Step 1 - Positioning the Knife

Take your piece of wood, and lay it on a flat surface such as a worktop. Decide where you think the saw will strike the wood as you put it in. This will depend very much upon your own miter saw, and the length and shape of the wood you want to cut. Place the marking knife where you think the blade of the saw will hit. Hold the knife at a right angle to the wood.

Step 2 - Use the Miter Square

With the tip of the marking knife where you want the angle to run, take your miter square, and slide it up to the knife. You should then turn the square until you get the correct angle for your cut. Use the marking knife to cut along this second line, and then remove the square. You should have an angle clearly marked out.