How to Match Cracked Travertine Tiles

travertine tiles
What You'll Need
Cracked tile
Expoxy glue

Travertine tiles can add instant value to any home. Beautifully crafted, these tiles make a great addition to your decor. But what happens when the tiles crack? How can you match cracked travertine tiles?

Step 1 - Determine Why It Cracked

There are a few different reasons why travertine tile can crack. It could be simply just because something heavy was dropped on it and the tile cracked at the surface. If you remove your cracked tile and the floor underneath appears cracked or damaged, you may have an issue with the way the flooring underneath the tile was laid, or in some cases the foundation itself.

Step 2 - Matching The Tile

close up of travertine tile

Unfortunately, because travertine tiles are natural tiles and not man made, unless you have a few extra pieces available, you are going to have a tough time matching the cracked flooring to a new piece of tile. Replacing the entire flooring for one cracked tile is not be the most productive method of repairing the damage either. In order to repair, begin by contacting the place where you purchased your tile. If it was a contractor that purchased the tile, contact them. You will have a better chance of correctly matching the cracked travertine tile if you go back to the same place that you purchased the tile at to begin with. Sometimes, they may have a few pieces left of a particular tile.

When it comes time to go and get the tile, take the cracked tile with you. You will need it to compare the two pieces of tile. If you are unable to get an exact match, you are going to need to look for a piece of travertine tile that is as close to the color of the existing tile. Opt for a piece of tile that is lighter because a lighter color will help keep attention away from the new tile.

Before purchasing your tile, make sure you view the tile under various lights. Find out if you can take a sample of the tile home to compare it to what is already on the floor. Also, you can check with the manufacturer to see if a repair kit is available. If not, find out what the manufacturer recommends in terms of matching cracked travertine tile to new tile.

Step 3 - In Case There is No Exact or Close Match, Use Epoxy glue

If you discover that you cannot closely match the new tile to your old tile, you can fill the cracked travertine with an epoxy glue. Epoxy glue comes in a variety of colors and can often be matched to whatever color your travertine tile is. All you need to do is apply a thin strip of the colored epoxy glue to the cracked tile, and sand out until it is smooth. While this is not the most ideal fix-it situation, it will take care of the problem.