How to Match Grout Colors

Being able to exactly match grout colors can be a very taunting experience because the colors will fade over time. The best way to match the colors is by beginning with the original color and mixing with a color that will lighten, or darken, it until you can match the existing color.

Tools and Materials You’ll Need:

  • Bleach
  • Clean rags
  • Grout in various colors
  • Mixing bucket
  • Mixing stick
  • Measuring cups
  • Piece of scrap tile

Step 1: Clean with Bleach

Clean all of the grout with diluted bleach and a clean rag. Make sure to scrub out any cracks or creases that have formed. Allow the grout to dry before attempting to match the color because it will be different after it dries.

Step 2: Mix colors

Beginning with the original color, or one close to it, begin mixing the grout on a scrap piece of tile. If one color does not match, add another color that will lighten or darken it, depending upon what is needed. Continue through these steps until the exact color is found. Be aware that the grout will change color until it dries completely, so allow the time required for it to be at the actual color before assuming that the color does, or does not, match. Be sure that when you are doing this that you use measuring cups, and write down the amounts, so when the color is found it will be easy to duplicate.