How To Match Wainscoting to Your Kitchen How To Match Wainscoting to Your Kitchen

After deciding to install wainscoting in your kitchen, the most important step in the process other than actually putting it into place is matching it with the room’s decor. Wainscot paneling can be finished naturally or painted to match the upper portion of the wall, whether they are wallpapered or painted. Because kitchens are usually decorated in light colors, the wainscoting should be reflective of that.

How to Match Wainscoting

The kitchen is considered an open space. Dark colored walls tend to make it feel more enclosed than it should be. That is why light, airy colors are often used. When matching the wainscoting to the walls, consider the color or the pattern already in place. Ask yourself: will a natural finish do? Or is paint the way to go? Whitewashed wainscot matches with everything, but that may be too plain for your tastes. 

If you decide on paint, find a light, neutral color that nicely contrasts with the walls. If pastels feature prominently, it is best to stick with that motif. The most important thing is that you don’t want the combination to be jarring. Extreme contrasts will create an unpleasant atmosphere in the kitchen.

Start with an image of white wainscoting and go from there. By beginning with something neutral you can try different combinations that will work not only with the upper walls but the appliances and cabinets as well. 

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