How to Matte Antique Maps for Framing

What You'll Need
Acid-free backing board
Acid-free matting
Box knife
Straight edge
Tape measure

Antique maps can make a beautiful decorating display in your home or office. Many of these maps are valuable or can become valuable over time, so take care when matting them so they can give you years of enjoyment and avoid deteriorattion.

Step 1: Measure the Map

Lay the map on a flat surface and measure it in both directions. Be sure to get an exact measurement, as this will be very important when cutting your matte. If you are taking it to a professional framer, let them do the exact measurements.

Step 2: Size of Matte

A matte goes all the way around a picture or map, setting the object apart from the frame and making it stand out. A matte should be the same size all the way around the map in order to look balanced. Generally speaking, a map should be at least 2 inches wide all the way around for the best display.

Step 3: Proper Matte Materials

If purchasing supplies to matte the map, be sure to buy acid-free matte board and back board for the frame. This will prevent deterioration of the map's paper. If having it professionally done, insist on acid-free products.

Step 4: Cut the Matte

Cut the matte to the dimensions of the map, with the allowance for the actual matting size all the way around.

Cut out the inside of the matte after marking it with a straight edge and pencil. Use the box knife. The inside of the matte should overlap the map on the backside by at least 1/4 inch.