How to Maximize the Horsepower of Your Car

What You'll Need
Fuel intake cleaner
Performance exhaust
Full set of car tools

Even if your car started out with a lot of horsepower it is likely this has changed over time. Others have never had very much horsepower in their car and would like to have more. No matter which camp you are in, this advice will help you to get more power from your car.

Step 1 – Practice Proper Maintenance

A very easy way to keep your car's performance at peak capacity is to maintain the car properly. Changing the oil and making sure all of the belts are properly tightened will help your engine live up to it's performance capabilities. Skipping oil changes are the worst thing you can do because the build up in your engine from the dirty oil will cause your engine to slow down considerably. The recommended length of time to go between oil changes is about 3,000 miles. Have the mechanic check all the other fluid levels while they are under the hood. Or check them yourself if you are the one changing the oil.

Step 2 – Use a Fuel Intake Cleaner

Using a fuel intake cleaner will improve performance by making it easier for fuel to get into your engine in the first place. To use a fuel intake cleaner, simply add a bottle in with your next fill up. The detergent will mix with the gasoline and scrub your intakes as it passes through them. This will remove any build-ups which may have occurred from using poor quality gasoline. The impurities in the gasoline can build up to the point where your car has trouble utilizing the gas you have filled it up with. Make sure to use only the recommended gasoline for your car. Some people will use higher octane gasoline thinking they are doing their engine a favor. If the engine is not designed to burn the higher octane gasoline, it can cause problems in the engine.

Step 3 – Install a Turbocharger

The turbocharger is a piece of equipment which will help to force air into your engine. This influx of air will help your engine to burn gasoline hotter and more efficiently. It works by using a turbine, or fan, to draw in the air it needs to burn the gasoline. As the amount of air increases in the combustion chamber, the amount of combustion will increase and the car will go faster.

Step 4 – Install Performance Exhaust

Installing an exhaust system is not something you can do by yourself unless you have the ability to remove your muffler. The reason why a performance exhaust will help to increase performance is because it gives the refuse from combustion somewhere to go. This will help to be able to get more air into the combustion chamber. A stated above, the more air you get into the combustion chamber, the faster the engine will be able to burn the gasoline in order to provide more power.