How to Measure a Bow Window

When preparing to install a new bow window or to replace an existing fixture, it is crucial that you know exactly how large your window is. A proper fit is necessary in order for the window to fold naturally and to remain secure for years to come. Measuring a bow window is a straightforward process, though you'll need to know the standard classification and measuring guidelines.

Step 1—Gather Your Materials

The only tools necessary to measure a bow window are a tape measure and a pen or pencil and paper. It may be helpful to notate the dimensions of the window in both inches and centimeters so that you're best prepared to select a new window for your frame.

Step 2—Measure the Height and Width

Using your tape measure, note the height of the window from the top of the frame to the base. The width is the straight line measured from the outermost corner at the base of the window to the far outermost corner at the opposite side. It is not necessary to measure each component piece of the bow window or to attempt to measure any curved areas.

With this information in place, you are now prepared to size windows or shop for new fixtures for your existing window frame.