How to Measure Before Installing Carpet Squares How to Measure Before Installing Carpet Squares

What You'll Need
Carpenter's tape measure
Graph paper
Digital camera

Carpet squares are available in different lengths and widths, depending on the type of carpet and the manufacturer’s preferences. The conveniences of installing carpet squares make them easier to clean, maintain, and replace when needed versus installing full wall-to-wall carpet. Before selecting a set of carpet squares, you will need to carefully measure the dimensions of the room where you will be laying them down. The number and correct dimensions of carpet squares can be easily determined through some calculations based on the room’s square footage. Writing down the room dimensions saves time and guesswork when purchasing your squares from a carpet dealer.

Step 1 – Snap Some Room Shots

Both carpet buyers and sellers often find it helpful to have a picture of the room when making carpet selections and determining the number of needed squares. Take a few clear pictures from the room’s doorway and from at least one other corner; this will give the carpet seller a good idea of any special considerations such as walls that are not completely square. Rooms that have more rounded corners or more than four walls sometimes need carpet squares that are specially cut to fit correctly.

Step 2 – Measure the Room

Use your carpenter's tape measure to measure each wall section of the room along the edge of the floor. The best results typically come from laying the tape measure flat along the floor rather than along the top or bottom edge of any baseboards. If possible, have a helper hold the opposite end of the tape measure firmly down at each wall corner in order to get a higher rate of accuracy.

Step 3 -- Sketch and Label Dimensions

Make a sketch of each measured wall section of your room, and be sure to label each length and width. Using graph paper will give you a better idea of approximately how many squares should fit into the room, but an experienced carpet dealer should be able to give you a more accurate number even if your sketch is not completely drawn to room scale. If you will be installing carpet squares of more than one color, it is a good idea to fill in which squares will be different in the pattern that you have in mind. This can easily be done with one or more colored pencils.

Step 4 – Calculate the Number of Squares

Multiply the room’s total with by its total length in order to get the overall area. Be sure to write down and take this number with you when shopping for carpet squares. Most carpet sellers should have sample squares for you to measure and inspect before making a purchase decision. Divide the total room area by the dimensions of each carpet square. This should give you a good estimate of how many carpet squares you will need to purchase. Multiply the number of squares by the price per square in order to get a cost estimate. It is also a good idea to compare several types from different carpet sellers in order to find the carpet you like at the best deal.

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