How to Measure for a Corner Baseboard

Learning how to measure for a corner baseboard is the first step when starting a baseboard molding installation project.  You need to put two pieces of wood together fitting these like they are jigsaw puzzle pieces.

It’s A Number

  • Begin measuring where the outside corner comes to an end, for example, where it abuts against the door molding or another fixed ending spot.
  • Make sure to take the measurement from the edge of the outside corner.
  • Keep in mind when measuring a corner piece of molding that you need to account for the molding extending to the other wall where the other wall molding meets it at a 45-degree angle.
  • The measurement for the back of the baseboard corner piece, the area that sits flush against the wall, will be shorter than the front section because when cutting the joining 45-degree angle, a half-inch is taken away from the entire measurement of the baseboard molding.

Always check all your measurements at least twice before starting to cut your corner baseboard molding. Add about an additional 15 percent to your carefully taken measurements before purchasing your selected molding. This should account for all angle cuts as well as any errors or waste.