How to Measure for a Kitchen Sink

A kitchen sink.

If you are ready to purchase a kitchen sink in a new model, style or color, you must make sure you have enough space for the appliance. Here is how you measure for a perfect fit.

Preparations for Your New Sink

Before you do anything, make sure that the water is completely turned off. This will ensure you do not have any unforeseen leaks or plumbing problems when you are in replacement mode. Next, make sure you have the space cleared of any appliances or other debris. It is always a good idea to work on a clean and fresh surface.

Measuring for Your New Sink

A kitchen sink.

Measuring for the new sink is really easy to do. First, take out your measuring tape and keep it handy. Next, make sure you have a piece of paper and a pencil or pen handy to mark down your measurements. You should start with your edge or lip that you have on the counter. This is basically the outside rim of the sink. Take this measurement. It normally is no more than 1 inch out from the edge of the sink. Next, you will want to measure the inside of the existing sink. You will want to take the following interior measurements:

  • Back to front
  • Side to side
  • Bottom to the top

If your sink is mounted underneath the counter, take a separate measurement that shows how much additional height is attributed to the countertop (usually an inch or so).