How to Measure for a Sliding Screen Door

sliding screen doors between an interior and a deck above a coastal view
  • 0-1 hours
  • Beginner
  • 0-50
What You'll Need
Tape measure
What You'll Need
Tape measure

It is important to take accurate measurements for a sliding screen door. While replacing the screen, you must buy a piece that will fit the space exactly. Follow the steps described below to take accurate measurements of the screen.

Step 1 - Remove the Door

To take the door out of its frame, lift it up and pull its bottom towards you. Now angle the top of the door to remove it from the frame. Lay down the door on a flat surface.

Step 2 - Remove the Screen

Use a pick or other sharp object to carefully remove the spline—the rubber piece that is tucked into the frame to hold the screen in place. Take the screen out of the door.

Step 3 - Take Measurements

Use a tape measure to note down the dimensions of the door. Keep in mind that you need to measure from the outer edge of the frame on all sides. It is better to take the measurements twice to be sure.

Step 4 - Buy and Check

When you go to buy the replacement screen, it is better to buy a screen that is slightly longer and wider than the measurements you took. After buying the screen, lay it on top of the frame and check that the size is right.