How to Measure for Bathroom Faucets

Updating your bathroom's decor can include replacing all your plumbing fixtures such as your faucets. Bathroom faucets come in so many different shapes and sizes. They can be purchased in different types of metals and finishes. Try matching your bathroom faucet to your lighting choice. In order to purchase the proper faucet, you will need to take some measurements first. Here are a few things to consider.

What Type of Faucet?

There are generally 2 types of faucets. There are faucets that do not have separate handles and the handle is combined with the location where your water comes out the tap. There are other faucets where the handles are separate from where the water flows out. Note which model or style you have.

Measuring the Spread

The spread is the distance between the 2 outer holes of your faucet. So, once you have pulled your existing faucet out, there should be 3 holes. One hole is for the water, and 2 for the handles or knobs. You want to measure the distance between the handles or knobs, from furthest end to end. If you have the one-hole designed faucet, you need to simply measure the spread of that hole, from edge to edge.