How to Measure for Precast Concrete Steps

What You'll Need
Measuring tape

Having precast concrete steps installed on your stairs have several advantages over pour in place steps. The biggest among these is you do not have to do the forms which are needed for pouring the concrete. You also do not need to wait for the cement to cure before you can use the stairs. To ensure proper placement you need to get hold of some materials.

Step 1 - Preparing the Ground

Determine the base dimensions of the precast steps. Using these dimensions, prepare the ground where you will sit the steps by removing rocks, vegetation and other debris with the use of the hoe.

Step 2 - Measuring Ground Height

Measure the distance between the landing that will connect with the top of the precast concrete steps and the ground vertically and compare your measurement with the height of the concrete steps. Adjust the ground height by digging deeper if the steps are taller or by adding dirt if it is shorter.

Step 3 - Compacting the Ground

Compact the ground using the tamper. Ensure that it is even by using the level. You need to lay the leveling tool on several areas and adjust the ground accordingly.

Step 4 - Checking Your Measurements

To ensure that the precast steps are of the same height as the landing, make a vertical measurement again. Adjust any irregularity by adding or removing dirt, using the tamper and leveling.  This should be done until all the steps and the landing are of the same height.