How To Measure Kitchen Cabinets How To Measure Kitchen Cabinets

The need to measure your kitchen cabinets may arise if you are looking to replace them or add additional accessories to your cabinets. Measuring your kitchen cabinets requires a measuring tape and a piece of paper to record the information.

Taking Cabinet Measurements

The upper cabinets should be measured for their length, width, and depth. To gather these measurements, run your measuring tape from right to left to record the width of the cabinet. Taking and up and down measurement will give you the cabinet’s length and finally open the door to the cabinet and run the tape measure to the back and front of the cabinet to obtain the depth.

Determine Measurements for Different Cabinet Units

The upper cabinets are more than likely the same size but it would not be a bad ideal testing this by measuring a different cabinet section. You should apply this same process to the bottom cabinets to obtain their measurements.

Record the Measurements

Record the length, width and depth measurements for each of the cabinets and place the information where it can be retrieved easily. A spreadsheet can be constructed for this purpose that can list each of the cabinets and their individual measurements.

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