How to Measure PEX Pipe Fittings

What You'll Need
Your PEX pipe
Utility Knife (if you are replacing a PEX pipe)
Measuring device

PEX pipe fittings make a huge impact on how well your PEX pipes are installed. Without the proper sized fitting, you can have damage to your pipes, as well as your home.

Read the steps below on how to measure correctly for a PEX pipe fitting to ensure a good install.

Step 1 - Cut the Pipe

If you are replacing PEX pipe, you will need to use a utility knife to cut off the pipe as close to the fitting that is presently there.

Obviously if you are replacing PEX pipe, and you already have an old fitting, the easiest thing would be to bring the fitting to the hardware store to match it correctly. However, if you are installing new PEX pipes, you will need to measure these.

Step 2 - Measure

You will want to take your measuring device and your PEX pipe and measure the dimensions of the inside of your pipe. A tape measure may not be flexible enough to measure this, so if you have access to another device that may be your best bet.

Step 3 - Purchase

Now you can take your dimensions and run to your local hardware store to purchase the correct size fitting.

You may want to add a few inches to the measurement in case you need to replace it in the future.