How to Measure System Performance in a Small Air Conditioner How to Measure System Performance in a Small Air Conditioner

What You'll Need
Quick-read thermometer
Small infrared reader
Digital clock

A small air conditioner is a great way to cool off a small area of the home. Even though a small air conditioner may be perfect for your situation it does little good if they are not performing up to its specifications. This article will show you how to determine the performance of a small air conditioner.

Step 1 – Cooling Time

How fast a small air conditioner cools a room is indicative of its performance. Place a thermometer in the center of the room with a digital clock set to 0. Take a base temperature reading without the small air conditioner running. Turn the small air conditioner on and select a temperature. When it turns off; record the time. Subtract the base temperature from the set temperature. Make note of the time to cool the room.

Step 2 – Leaks

Use the infrared reader to find hot spots. This is where air is escaping. Plug these leaks as much as you can.

Step 3 – Repeat

Repeat your test and compare the results. Use these new numbers and compare them to the specifications of the of the small air conditioner. This will tell you if it is truly performing well.

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