How to Measure the Right Amount of Drain Cleaner

What You'll Need
Drain cleaner
An empty graduated 32 fl. oz. bottle
Thick gloves
Covered shoes, preferentially boots
Cover opener
Plastic bucket

A drain cleaner is a product that is used to dissolve any clogs in a drainage system or to unblock drainage pipes. Two of the most popular brands in the market are Liquid-Plumber and Drano. These commercial drain cleaner brands are all chemical reactants that help dislodge blockage materials. The available chemical drain removers include:

  • Caustic liquid
  • Caustic solid
  • Enzymatic cleaners
  • Acid liquid

Boiling water is also used to clean drains.

When mixed with water in a drain, acidic and or alkaline drain cleaners produce heat,  which dissolves any grease within the pipes. Some chemicals such as sodium hydroxide will break down organic substances such as fats and make them water-soluble.  

Step 1: Read the Directions

All drain cleaners come with a manufacturer’s intstructions for safe and proper use. Before you measure the drain cleaner, read these directions and ensure you understand them completely, including all steps from the beginning to the end of the process.

Step 2 : Preparation

Collect the funnel, the bucket and the 32 fl. oz. bottle of cleaner and place them near the drain you are cleaning. Put on your protective gear and ensure that there is no risk of skin contact.

    Step 3: Measure Out the Liquid

    Put the granulated bottle inside the plastic bucket and place the funnel inside it.  Once this is done, pick up the drain cleaner and remove its cover.  The most recommended amount of liquid to measure out is half of the full 32 fl. oz. bottle.

      Step 4: Pour Out the Measure

      Put down the bottle of the drain cleaner and seal it again with the cap. Ensure that the cap is tight before placing it back in a safe area. You can now pour out the drain cleaner that you have placed inside the bucket. After pouring, give it some time to react before flushing hot water down the drain. You can repeat the process if the clog doesn’t break loose. 

      Safety Tips

      Drain cleaner use must always be in strict adherence to a manufacturer's specifications. Never smell or bring your eyes to the mouth of the container. In fact, avoid any possible skin contact and ensure you handle drain cleaners in heavy protective gear.

      Never mix two drain cleaners together during a single use, for they will either react dangerously or neutralize each other. These are highly dangerous chemicals and you do not want to take their use for granted. Following the procedure detailed above, you can measure the right amount of drain cleaner and unclog your drain effectively.