How To Measure Windows Properly

Learning how to measure windows properly will allow you to conduct repairs and place coverings on your window with ease. The helpful information below will help you to measure your windows properly and accurately.

Use Measuring Tape

If you want the most accurate measurements, be sure to use steel measuring tape. While using the tape and taking down the measurements, be careful not mix the measurements up. Doing so could cause you to buy the wrong size window or covering, which will be inconvenient and cause you delays.

For the Height of the Window

When you measure the window's height, make sure you are measuring from the head to the sill, or from top to bottom vertically. You should first measure the left side of the window, then the middle, and last the right side to complete the measurement for the window.

For the Width of the Window

The width of the window is measured in the same way as the height, except you'll be taking the measurements horizontally. You should begin at the top of the window, then measure the middle, and last the bottom. Be as accurate as possible and do not include the weather stripping, if your window has any, in your measurements.