How to Measure Wood for an Angle bracket

What You'll Need
Tape Measure

Using an angle bracket to hold up shelving in a garage, pantry, closet, or other storage area is a great option to building elaborate systems. The angle bracket is a simple tool that is basically two steel legs that meet at a 90 degree angle. The holes in each end are where they are located to the wood shelf and the wall. When working with the angle bracket it is important to get the right measurement for the wood you are using for a good fit.

Step 1 - Measure Space for Shelf

Set the hook of the tape measure at the far end of the space where the angle brackets will be installed. Stretch it out to the other end to see how much room you have for the shelf.

Step 2 - Mark for Bracket Placement

The angle bracket should be at least 6 inches from the edge of the shelf. Mark this position on the wall for the placement of the brackets.

Step 3 - Measure Board's Width

After the length of the piece of wood that you are using for the shelf, you want to keep an eye on the width. Measure the width of the board and then measure the top of the angle bracket. The wood should exceed the bracket by 2 inches.