How to Mend a Leak in Flexible Copper Pipe

What You'll Need
Flexible Pipe Sleeve Clamp

Flexible copper pipe is most often used when there is either a repair that needs to be done or in some appliances that require the bending of the pipes. Because of the nature of the flexible copper pipe, there are times when little pinpricks, or holes, are created. When you find that there is a small leak in the flexible pipe you can easily repair it with small clamps.

Step 1: Shut Water Off

Before you start to work on the flexible copper pipe you should turn the water off at the closest turn off point. Once the water is off, then open the faucet handles to drain out the remaining water.

Step 2: Clean Pipe

Use a clean cloth and wipe off any excess water, or dirt, that has accumulated on the pipe. This will interfere with the way that the sleeve sits on the pipe.

Step 3: Clamp Sleeve onto Pipe

There are two types of flexible copper pipe clamps available. One that you can easily slip onto the pipe without disconnecting it, and one that you need to remove one end of the pipe to slide it on. Once the clamp is in place, set it in the middle of the leak and secure with the screws on each side.

Step 4: Turn Water On

Turn on the water and make sure that the leak is repaired.