How to Mend Frayed Rubber Floor Tile How to Mend Frayed Rubber Floor Tile

What You'll Need
Aluminum foil
Vinegar or detergent
Clean cloths/ towels
Artists acrylic paint
Rolling pin
Putty knife

A rubber floor tile is exposed to rubbing and may become worn at the edges or other areas. Frayed floor tiles may be restored using some materials that you can get in a hardware store. You don’t necessarily need replacement tiles, unless the tiles are badly damaged.



Step 1 – Prepare the Tile

Identify the frayed rubber tiles, clean them with a mop and vinegar or detergent. Dry the tiles with a towel or allow to air dry.

Step 2 – Prepare the Epoxy

Prepare epoxy mixed with artist's acrylic paint that matches the color of your rubber floor.

Step 3 – Warm the Frayed Tiles

Place aluminum foil on the frayed tiles and then warm them using an iron. This will prepare the area and the epoxy will adhere better.

Step 4 – Repair Frayed Tiles

Using a putty knife, insert the prepared epoxy into the holes and cover the damaged areas. Level the rubber floor tile with the putty knife. Allow the epoxy to dry before you step on the repaired tile.

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