How to Minimize Engine Camshaft Overlap How to Minimize Engine Camshaft Overlap

What You'll Need
Timing device

For those that are unsure about mechanical terms, engine camshaft overlap is basically referring to when the valves are open at the same time. Each of 4 different parts need to be working at the same time including the exhaust, power, intake and compression. While some overlap in the engine camshaft is necessary, you want to make sure that there isn't too much, or you will find yourself will problems with the car. Here are a few steps to minimize the engine camshaft overlap if this is happening to you. 

Step 1 - Understand the Working of Camshaft and Overlap

It is very important to know what is happening with the camshaft, as well as what kind of overlap is good or bad in order to minimize it. Basically, you will have a rotating crankshaft that work with each of the 4 parts mentioned above. There is a small amount of time though when they are all open and working at once which is good. When it comes to the overlap part, you have to watch out for the duration and the lift aspects. If the timing is off on your duration or lift, then you can run into serious problems. 

Step 2 - Use a Timing Device 

It is important to check with the manual and a professional to find out the appropriate timing for your car. Then, if you see that you need to minimize the timing on your own, then you will need to use a different timing device. This part though does get a little tricky as there are different timing devices that work for different makes and models of cars. You will need to find the correct timing device for your car and then install it. 

Step 3 - Install Timing Device

Remove the valve from its place in order to work with it. You want to make sure that the car is off while working and that the coolant is drained. Push back the rods of the manifold so to detach the lifters that are set up for the camshaft. This is where the timing device will be located, so you can lift up and remove it now.

Push the camshaft forward again and then lift it up from the engine block. You will want to apply lube to this part so that you can better install it later on. Apply lube to the camshaft and inset it back into place, putting the timer on as you do so. Put the parts back together the same way that you took them apart. You will then want to test out the car to be sure that the timing is right now. 

If you have any problems or questions while you are working you will want to contact a professional. It is important to get help before the problem gets worse, so do not hesitate to at least call. 

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