How to Miter Inside Corners with a Miter Box

What You'll Need
Miter box
Wood or crown molding pieces
Duct tape
Pencil or felt tip marker

Using the miter box in order to cut an inside corner is simpler than having to cut it yourself from scratch. In order to get the cut right, you will need to take good measurements of the angle, and also have a saw which can accurately cut the board before you take it over to the miter box and make the cuts. Making an inside angle on a piece of wood is sometimes not as easy as cutting the two pieces of wood, and using the miter box may not be the final step. In order to save yourself more effort at the end of the project, you will need to know how to accurately measure and use the miter box to get the best cut for your wood.

Step 1 - Measure the Wood

To make sure that you cut your wood accurately, you need to take accurate measurements of the molding or wood. If you have the pieces ready cut, this will be more convenient than using longer pieces of wood, so cut your wood to fit into the corner before beginning. Then, take the measurements of the corner, and the angle of the wood. Mark on the wood where you want the parts to be removed.

Step 2 - Set Up the Box

Set up the miter box so that the blade is in the center of the box, and then take your duct tape, and lay a piece on the table, and a second piece on the box. The table piece should be marked 'ceiling' and the box piece should be marked 'wall'. These will help you to position the wood correctly when you come to cut it.Turn the boxes angle so that you will be cutting the wood at a 45 degree angle, as marked on the box. You will need to create a pointed shape to point correctly into the corner.

Step 3 - Cutting the Wood

Take your first piece of wood, and slide it into the box. The side of wood which touches the ceiling should be placed on the piece of tape which says ceiling, and the side which touches only the wall next to the 'wall' piece of tape. With the wood in the correct position, move it into the box. Position the mark which you made in the first step against the blade, and then turn the box on. Cut the wood quickly, and then pull the wood away.

Step 4 - Repeat the Cut

When you have made the first cut, you can repeat this on the other piece of wood to get the right cutting angle. In this case, the blade will have to cut on the opposite side to your original cut, so that you end up with a spear-shape for your inside cut. When you have finished, check the angle of the inside corner, and cut down with a hand saw if the cut is not perfect.