How to Mix Drywall Mud

Mixing up drywall mud is a part of the drywall process. After you hang the drywall, you have to seal off the gaps with drywall tape and mud. You also need the mud to cover and smooth the indentations left by the numerous screws. All of this prepares the wall for the application of primer and paint. There are different types of drywall mud. A common kind to use is known as hot mud. You will need a drywall pan, drywall knife, water and a bag of drywall mud powder for the job.

Mixing Drywall Mud

Know what kind of mud you have. It's sold in types with varying drying times. Once mixed, it could harden in as little as 5 minutes, or it could take as long as 3 hours. You have to decide what you need before you begin. Start by adding some water to the drywall pan and slowly pouring in some powder. Use the drywall knife to mix it up. Continue adding powder and mixing thoroughly until the mud has the consistency of creamy peanut butter or slightly less thick. It should not be too thin or it will get runny. Depending on how fast it hardens, you should have some time, once mixed, to apply it.