How to Mix Epoxy Resin

What You'll Need
Work gloves
Protective glasses
Face mask
Epoxy resin
Plastic containers
Measuring tape
Stirring stick
Disposable rubber spatula

Epoxy resin has a number of uses which make it a versatile product albeit specialized. You can use epoxy resin in manufacturing, molding, as an adhesive or to cover a floor. You can purchase epoxy resin that is already mixed but it can cost you a nice amount of money. The rule of thumb is that if you buy the individual components yourself and do the work on your own you will save money. This applies to mixing your own epoxy resin. You can also decide on how fast you wish the epoxy resin to harden which gives you more flexibility. The following article will show you how to properly mix epoxy resin.

Step 1 - Estimate Epoxy Resin Use

It is very important to know how much epoxy resin you will need for your project. Use the measuring tape and determine the square footage. Do this by measuring the length and the width of the area and multiplying them together. If you are using the epoxy resin in multiple areas then use the calculator to get a total square footage for the job. You can then purchase enough epoxy resin for the job. What you purchase also matters as there are tubes of epoxy resin or tubs. The article assumes the job is larger and you will be using tubs.

Step 2 - Epoxy Resin Ratio

Always consult the label on the back of the epoxy resin to find the best ratio for your specific product. Most epoxy resin is mixed at a 1:1 ratio but be sure that is the case with your project. Once you have determined how much you need you will want to place half the needed epoxy resin into one of the clean containers. Weigh the bucket with the epoxy resin in it and make a notation of its weight.

Step 3 - Hardener

This is the material that causes the epoxy resin to get stiff. Essentially it is the catalyst. Put the needed amount of hardener into another plastic container. If, however, the ratio is 2:1 resin to hardener then you need to divide the weight. Use the calculator to split the weight of the resin in two and that will be the amount of hardener you will need. Always put in less than what you need and gradually add more hardener to the container while it is on the scale. This will help you get an accurate weight.

Step 4 - Mixing the Epoxy Resin

When you are sure you have the right amounts you can now mix them. You always want to pour the hardener into the epoxy resin. Begin pouring the hardener slowly into the epoxy resin. As you are pouring use your other hand to stir the epoxy resin. Continue pouring until all of the hardener is gone and use the spatula to scrape the sides. Once the epoxy resin becomes clear and one color it's ready to be used. You will have to work quickly.