How to Mix Veneer Plaster

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Before beginning to work with veneer plaster it is important to ensure that there are no sources of direct heat or drafts which could cause problems with the plaster drying out too rapidly. Veneer Plaster is susceptible to this drying out issue due to the fact it is applied in thin coats.

Decide on the Desired Finish

Read the instructions supplied with your veneer plaster as this will determine the ratio of water to plaster required. A general guideline is that a smooth finish will require more water than that of a textured finish.

Mixing the Veneer Plaster

Having decided upon the desired finish, pour the appropriate quantity of water into your mixing drum and add the plaster amount accordingly. Ensure that the plaster is completely saturated by either leaving it in the water for approximately one minute or by using the paddle agitator as the plaster is added. If using the correct tools and materials then the mixing process should not take longer than five minutes to achieve the correct consistency.

Cleaning Tools

To ensure that the veneer plaster maintains a uniform consistency it is important to only mix 2 batches before thoroughly cleaning all mixing tools. This will remove any dried plaster which has formed during the 2 batches already prepared.