How To Modify A Flag Pole Light

What You'll Need
Wire cutters
Wire adapters
Spherical down light light purchased from a flag pole dealer
110 wire with fish
Electrical tape

During your next outdoor lighting project, do not over look the flag pole light. A lot of flag pole lights are huge spotlights on the ground pointed up to enhance the look of the flag pole. There are many types of outdoor accent lighting available that can be just as effective as a large spotlight without posing a threat to be an eye sore. When choosing your light take into consideration the other lighting around your yard so that the look will be cohesive. Modifying your flagpole light from one that is shining up to one that shines from the top of the pole down is a good idea to focus the light more directly and cut down on the more obtrusive spot light.

Step 1: No Electricity

Make sure to turn off the electricity to the existing lighting fixture.

Step 2:, Disconnect

Disconnect the original fixture.  If mounted be sure to remove all mounting.  You are going to use the 110 wire that was used for this light to power up the new light on top of the pole.

Step 3: Drill

Drill a small hole in the bottom of the light pole to allow access for the wire that will run to the top.  Use your ladder to reach the top of the flagpole and remove the cap.  Decide if the light you purchased will need to be altered to fit as the pole cap or if the original cap will be used with an alteration for holding the new light.

Step 4: Fish

Now you will need to fish the wire through the pole so that you have enough at the top and the bottom to make the connections and allow for error.  It is better to make it too long then have to go through the process of fishing it again.  Watch for the sharp edges on the drill hole you made so that it does not strip the wire.

Step 5: Connect

Now it is time to connect the new light to the wiring.   Attach all like wires and cap.  Use electrical tape to make the wires nice and neat.  Stuff the excess wires back into the top of the flag pole and attach the new light to the top.  Now go ahead and connect the new wires to the existing wiring.  Make sure to water proof this connection.

Step 6: Test

Before you bury your wires where they will be out of the way, test the new light to make sure that is functional.  It is much easier to fix the problem while you have all the supplies out then to clean everything up just to discover that it does not work.  

In this instance we modified the way that the light was used on the flag pole.  Some modifications were made to the pole as well in order to make it work correctly.  In some cases the light that you have might work as a down light.  That would also make a great way to modify the flag pole lighting.  Whichever way you choose to light up your flagpole is bound to be better than no light at all.