How to Modify a Low Wind Speed Turbine for the Windy Season How to Modify a Low Wind Speed Turbine for the Windy Season

What You'll Need
Alternator and additional batteries
Anti-vibration mounts
A helper
Elevated platform

A popular product in the battle against climate change is the low wind speed turbine. Modifying throughout the windy season is an excellent way to maximise efficiency and increase output.

Step 1 - Precautions

Before modifying the turbine, ensure the blades are locked and that it is disconnected from the alternator and batteries. Ensure that you have assembled the platform and it is high enough to reach the wind turbine.

Step 2 - Fitting Dampeners

Remove the wind turbine from its supporting structure and let it rest on the platform. Dismantle the structure and refit it using the anti-vibration mounts as per the manufacturer's instructions. Attach the wind turbine to the structure, and ensure that it every aspect is fitted correctly and that all parts of it are secure.

Step 3 - Fitting a New Alternator and Additional Batteries

If a wind turbine generates more power than the batteries can handle, then there is a possibility they will be damaged. This can be avoided by fitting an alternator that can handle the extra electricity generated, and additional batteries can alleviate the additional load. 

Remove the batteries and alternator and store them in a safe place. You may well find that you can resell these to another wind turbine enthusiast or recycle them.

Step 4 - Connect The New Batteries/Alternator and Switch On

Connect the new batteries and the alternator to the circuit. Release the brakes and clamps of the wind turbine, and let it run for a few minutes. Check that power is running to the batteries. If it isn't, shut everything down and check connections. Try to determine if there is a faulty part and replace it if you find one. Providing you are confident that the wind turbine is generating electricity, then shut everything down and check the structure to ensure nothing has become loose. Once you are happy, release the brakes and let your turbine bring in the electricity. Dismantle the platform for storage or return. Monitor your electricity over time to ensure the alternator and batteries are doing their job.

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