How to Mount a Flat Screen TV With Wall Anchors

A young woman sitting in front of a wall mounted flat screen tv.
What You'll Need
Wall mount kit
Stud finder
Power drill
Tape measure
At least one volunteer

By mounting a flat screen TV to a wall, you can easily remove clutter and free up table and floor space in a room. It looks sleek and professional, but the bracket that holds the TV to the wall must be securely mounted to the wall. Traditional anchors and toggle bolts are often not good for this task.

To Begin

Home Depot recommends purchasing a wall mount kit made by the manufacturer of the specific TV to ensure the simplest installation and tightest fit. Home Depot does warn, however, against mounting a TV in one’s home if the house has metal studs, for most will not support the weight of a television. Gather the listed materials and have them set out and ready to go.

Step 1 - Attach the TV Mounting Bracket to the TV

The first step is to attach the TV mounting bracket to the television. If there is a stand on the TV’s frame, unbolt and remove it. Now locate the mounting holes in the back of the TV. It may be necessary to pry off the plastic caps with a power drill. Make sure the two mounting brackets are level with each other. Set the TV aside and be sure to rest the TV so that its screen is facing upward to prevent damage.

Step 2 - Identify Wall Placement

The next major step is to identify where the TV should go on the wall. It's a good idea to look for a location that is free from glare and has good visibility from all sitting areas in the room. It's suggested that the TV be mounted at a height on the wall that corresponds to the viewer’s eye level when seated. The location should also be next to an electrical outlet to ensure that the TV’s cord will reach.

Step 3 - Attach the TV Wall Mount Bracket to the Wall

Now is time to attach the TV wall mount bracket to the wall. Be sure to avoid using hollow wall anchors -- they cannot support TV wall mounts. Using the stud finder, identify two studs in the wall that will support the TV. Lightly mark the locality of these studs with a pencil and use a nail to confirm that a stud has been located. Use a tape measure to determine the distance between holes at the top and the bottom of each mounting arm. Mark two points in the center of each stud in correspondence with these holes. Now use the power drill to drill pilot holes for the wall bracket screws or bolts. Attach the bracket plate to the wall with the screws/bolts that came with the kit.

Hook up the television cables to the TV using the manufacturer’s instructions as someone aids with holding the TV up to the wall mount. If the TV is being attached flat to the wall to a fixed wall mount, it may be easier to connect the cables to the television prior to attaching it to the wall bracket.

Step 4 - Hang the TV

Have a volunteer interlock the brackets while one or two others lift the TV. Secure the TV mounting arms onto the wall bracket plate and lock them into place. Follow the instructions to secure the connections; confirm that every point of connection is locked down securely and test the installation with a few light tugs. Test and troubleshoot connections and TV functions to be sure that they all work and make adjustments as necessary. One should never attempt to remove or lift the TV from the wall on his own. Doing so could cause serious injury and is simply not worth the risk of damaging either the person or the TV itself.

Finished Product

After one has successfully mounted the flat screen TV to the wall with wall anchors, it's time to enjoy. Having a flat screen TV is a luxury, and one can take full advantage and pride in it by mounting it up on the wall and saving space. Furniture arrangements no longer have to revolve around where the TV is sitting in the room -- it's up and out of the way on the wall.