How to Mount a Garage Heater on Your Garage Ceiling

a garage ceiling
  • 10-20 hours
  • Advanced
  • 500-2,500
What You'll Need
Garage heater
Mounting kit
Electric screwdriver
What You'll Need
Garage heater
Mounting kit
Electric screwdriver

There are many different things you can do to your garage ceiling to improve the utility and comfort of your internal garage space. Today the garage is becoming an important room in the home, for more than just parking automobiles. If you have a converted garage or use the space often, follow these steps to install a garage heater into the ceiling.

Step 1 - Understand the Different Types

The electric garage heater is extremely efficient. It can be used in any location because it does not require a vent to the outside. You do not need to worry about burning fossil fuels inside and needing a location for the gaseous vapors to escape. Another great thing about an electric heater is it has safety features built-in. If it overheats, it will shut down. An electric garage heater can be mounted in various places in your garage, including on the ceiling.

The propane gas & natural gas type garage heaters must use a vent in order to remove the gaseous emissions from the air. They are more complicated to install and usually are mounted on a garage wall, and not a ceiling.

Step 2 - Get a Permit

person stamping a piece of paper next to a laptop

Since you will be installing something in your home and since you may be either adding fossil fuels or connecting and tying into your electric panel, you may need to seek out and produce a permit for the job. Check with your local municipality to see what is required for this type of installation and work. Obtain the necessary permit, if required.

Step 3 - Purchase Your Heater

Purchase your ceiling mount garage heater at your local home improvement center. Pick the garage heater that is big enough to warm the space in your garage. Many of the heaters you will find are good enough for a one-car garage. If you wish to heat the entire space of your garage and if your garage is larger than one car, then you will need to buy more than one heater for this project.

Step 4 - Read the Manufacturer's Instructions

Read through the manufacturer's instructions. Many of the garage heaters come with a mounting and installation kit. Read through all of the details supplied to you.

Step 5 - Mount the Brackets

empty garage

Using the kit provided with your ceiling heater, mount the brackets to the rafters on your garage ceiling. Use a power screwdriver to accomplish this.

Step 6 - Mount the Unit

Mount the unit inside the mounting brackets.

Step 7 - Turn off Electricity

Turn your electricity off to the home by way of your electric panel (turning off the main circuit or shutting off the fuse box).

Step 8 - Wire to Electric Panel

Follow the manufacturer's instructions to wire your garage heater to the electric panel. Many units have a plug that can be plugged into an outlet. If you have a ceiling-mounted electrical outlet, plug the end of the unit into the outlet.

Step 9 - Mount the Thermostat

Some units come with a thermostat. Mount the thermostat to a wall that is convenient.

Step 10 - Turn on Electricity

Turn on your home's electricity at the circuit panel.

Step 11 - Test Unit

Test your unit. Check for proper circulation of heat.