How to Mount a Go Kart Torque Converter

  • 1-4 hours
  • Beginner
  • 65-200
What You'll Need
Wrench set
Torque converter
Belts for above
Jack stands or transmission jack

We are going to go throughout the step to mount a go kart torque converter. A torque converter is two adjustable pulleys that you can install on the engine to cause it to spin faster creating more RPMs (revolutions per minute) making the speed of the engine transferred to the final drive increased. They are fairly easy to install and you will notice a much faster speed.

Step 1 - Getting Ready

Following the installation instructions that come with your converter will be the best route. But we are going to cover the main points of getting the unit in. First you need to lift the cart up on the jack stands where you can get under it to work. Have all your tools with you where you can reach them and the converter too.

Step 2 - Disconnecting

You will need to disconnect the drive shaft from the transmission. When you do this you will need to have another stand or a jack to put under the transmission to hold it up.

Step 3 - Installing the Unit

There is a plate inside the kit to install on the cart. The driver side of the torque converter is going to slide directly onto the engine crankshaft. You will then secure it with the hardware provided. The driven side is going to install on a keyed jack shaft. Once you get these 2 pieces ready to go you must install the belt. Keep the driven down and slip the belt on the unit. Attach the driven side. There should be a spring for the driven side. here are numbered holes on the side of the cam that you can put the spring into to that will adjust the desired hole and aligning the flat spots. Before you push the cam all the way on the post and secure it with the snap ring. Making sure all the buttons are installed on the unit and the springs are in the correct place.

Step 4 - Finishing Up

Put the drive shaft and transmission back together. You will have to refill with fluid and make sure nothing is leaking. Let the kart down from the jacks and jack stands. Start up the engine and make sure the engine and transmission are changing smoothly. You should see a significant increase in the speed of your Kart.

You will need to maintain your torque converter regularly. Check for dust dirt and debris which can damage the belts and the cam. Always check your kart regularly before the seasons and after using.