How to Mount a Gun Rack on the Wall

What You'll Need
Electronic Studfinder
Gun Rack Mounts
Gun Rack

A gun rack can be mounted on any wall in your home simply and easily. This task requires a few tools and an hour or 2 of your weekend to accomplish successfully. In order to mount a gun rack on the wall follow the steps outlined in this how-to article.

Step 1: Locate a Wall to Mount the Gun Rack

Prior to mounting a gun rack, you need to determine which wall you want to display it on. Locate the wall that you want to place the gun rack on before proceeding in the next step in this process.

Step 2: Drill Holes

Use an electronic stud finder in order to determine where to drill holes in the wall. The holes are needed to place the screws in the gun rack mount that will hold up the gun rack. The stud finder will help you locate the wood studs beneath the dry wall in order to properly secure the screws.

Once the studs are located, mark them with a light pencil mark and use a drill to make the holes. The holes should match the distance of the mount holes on the gun rack mount.

Step 3: Place the Gun Rack on the Wall

With the holes drilled, screw the mount to the wall and place the gun rack into the position, completing the project.