How to Mount a Poster on Foam Core

A poster on a wall.

Mounting a poster onto foam core is a simple procedure, but you have to first decide if you want the poster to remain without holes. Foam core can provide a makeshift frame that will hold a hook or wire on its backside to hang the poster. Rather than puncture the face of the poster with pushpins, you can use other materials to secure it to the foam core board.

Step 1 - Cut the Foam Core

Lay out the poster atop the full piece of foam core. Temporarily prevent the poster from sliding around while you trace around it on the board. With the outline in place, run a razor knife carefully over the line, scoring the first layer of craft paper. Once scored, trace over the line again, only this time penetrate the foam board’s core. Trace over it a third time to score the bottom layer of paper and complete the cut. This should always be done on a cutting board or mat.

Step 2 - Mount the Poster

With the foam core cut to size, you can now mount the poster. The simplest way is to use push pins, but that will damage the poster. If you want to permanently mount it, use a quick-drying glue stick, apply the adhesive on the backside of the poster, and smooth it out evenly on the foam core. Another method is to apply a small piece of poster putty in several locations. It’s not permanent, but it will hold the poster to the foam and be removable later.

Foam core makes a great solid backing for a poster which is easily mountable with either pushpins, glue, or poster putty.