How to Mount a Pull-up Door Bar How to Mount a Pull-up Door Bar

What You'll Need
Pull up door bar

A pull up door bar is an important part of most peoples exercise regimes, this is one of the best ways that most people get their exercise. There are many examples of different pull up door bars which are available. Some of these will be fixed permanently into the door way, whereas others will be hooked over the frame.

If you are using the bar properly then it will be able to dramatically improve your upper body strength. Pull ups are known to improve stomach, back and arm strength. This will make your whole body much healthier which means that you shouldn't get ill as often.

Step 1 - Locating the Pull up Bar

The first thing that you will need to do is find a location for your pull up bar. The location of your pull up bar will depend on finding a doorway which is fairly low traffic. It will also be best to fit the pull up bar in a door which has a steel frame as sometimes damage can be caused to wooden frames if you're not careful.

Step 2 - Preparing the Bar

The bar will need to be partially unscrewed at the part which extends. This makes the pull up bar wider which will make it fit lots of different widths of door frame. Make sure that you adjust the width of the door pull up bar so that it is no wider than the frame you are going to mount it in.

Step 3 - Mounting the Bar

Now position the bar into the door frame and leave it a few inches from the top. The frame now needs to be extended by turning the screw. This will put force against the door frame which should stop it from slipping down. By mounting the bar in this way you will prevent the door frame pull up bar from sliding down. It needs to press hard against your door frame so that the bar is sturdy.

Be careful when mounting on a wooden door frame as if the screws are too loose then there is a possibility that it will slip and cause damage to the frame.

Step 4 - Testing Your Bar

Now pull on the bar and check that it is sturdy and won't move. Hang your whole weight on it to check that it doesn't move. If it is too loose then simply extend the bar some more so that it presses harder on the frame. This will ensure that the pull up bar will stay perfectly in place.

Step 5 - Working Out

Now you're ready to start using the pull up bar to do your exercises. You can use the bar to do pull ups which will strengthen your back, shoulders, arms and stomach muscles. It's a great workout which makes your whole body much healthier.

Step 6 - Packing Away

Pull up bars are designed to be easily removable, they can come away from the door frame by simply unscrewing the bar. Make sure that you remove the bar and store it somewhere safe when not in use.

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