How to Mount a Replacement Steel Door How to Mount a Replacement Steel Door

What You'll Need
1 1/2 inch screws
2 inch screws
Metal studs
Pry bar
New wall board
A Friend with a strong back

Once all the measurements have been taken and the door has been purchased and brought home, mounting a replacement steel door is easy. Just follow the process outlined below.

Step 1 – Install Metal Studs

Most steel doors will come pre-hung for easy installation. First remove the old door and its frame with a pry bar. Because these doors are so heavy use 1 1/2 inch screws to attach metal studs on either side of the door opening.

Step 2 – Get the Door Into Place

With the help of a friend (these door are usually heavy) place the bottom of the door between the bottom of the metal studs and tilt it up and into position. Using shims make sure that the door is square and plumb and check it with a level. Make sure to measure the height of the bottom of the door from the top of the finished flooring rather than from the subfloor. This will ensure that there are no height issues when trying to open the finished door.

Step 3 – Screw the Fame to the Studs

Using 2 inch screws, screw the door into the metal studs. Do the locking side of the door before moving on to the hinge side of the door. It is always wise to only fasten the screws about halfway so that the door can be test opened before it is fully secured into place.

Step 4 – Finish the Wall Board

New wall board should be installed on each side of the door. Simply nail it up, apply dry wall tape and plaster it.

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