How to Mount a Venetian Window Blind How to Mount a Venetian Window Blind

What You'll Need
Venetian blinds
Measuring tape
Mounting brackets
Power screwdriver

Mounting a venetian window blind will allow you to control how much light to let into a room. In cold winters, this type of window blind is very useful in keeping warm in the house. In hot summers, venetian window blind can help prevent sweltering rays into the house and keep the room cool.

Step 1 - Decide where to Mount the Blind

You have 2 options: to install your blind inside the window casing or hang it outside of the window frame. If you install the blind inside the window frame you will not need extended rods.

Step 2 - Take Measurements of the Windows

Make sure to measure all sides of the window accurately. If you wish to hang your blind inside of the window, you will need to measure the distance inside the frame. If you are installing the blind outside, decide how far you want them to extend beyond the window.

Step 3 - How to Mount the Blind

Remove all the mounting brackets and screws that come with the blind kit. Use an electric screwdriver to mount the brackets onto the window frame. Be careful to measure the distance correctly so that the brackets are evenly spaced from each other. Attach the blind to the brackets and add the caps provided to prevent the blind from sliding out.

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