How to Mount a Vertical Wind Turbine How to Mount a Vertical Wind Turbine

What You'll Need
Wind turbine kit
Metal pole
Ready set concrete
Anchor bolts
Socket wrench/impact wrench

A vertical wind turbine is something that people have been trying to perfect for over 3,000 years. Unlike the regular configuration of blades that you are used to, the vertical wind turbine has a much different shape. The curved blades are configured in a vertical position and bend from the top to the bottom. This design gives the structure a little more integrity, and protection, against wind fatigue. One of the added benefits of a vertical wind turbine is that they can be mounted very close to the ground, or on top of low roofs. They operate well with ground wind and only need to turn a little to generate electricity from its alternator. If you are thinking of installing a vertical wind turbine on your land, here are some steps to mounting it successfully.

Step 1: Determine Location

While the vertical wind turbine can easily generate electricity with relatively small wind, it must be consistent. Try to find a location where the wind is going to be enough to continually generate electricity. You do not have to think about mounting it high off the ground, but you do need a clear area with very little obstructions and plenty of room for the wind to spin the vertical blades.

Step 2: Dig Hole

Once you have determined the location for the vertical wind turbine you can begin the process of mounting it. Start by digging a 2-foot deep hole that is also 2-feet wide. This is going to be full of concrete to give the wind turbine a strong anchor point. There is a lot of pressure that the turbine will be subjected to as the wind assaults it day and night. A strong concrete footing is important.

Step 3: Pour Concrete

Once the hole is dug, mix the ready made concrete according to the directions on the packaging. Immediately pour it into the hole and make sure that it is at least level with the ground surface. Use a concrete float and smooth off the top. After the top of the concrete is smooth you can set in four anchor bolts. Set these at the right measurements of the holes on the mounting platform.

Step 4: Place Platform on Bolts

Let the concrete dry overnight. It should be stable enough to work on after 24 hours. Place the mounting bracket that came with your wind turbine kit on the anchor bolts. Line up the bottom holes and then place a washer and locking nut over the anchor bolts. A socket wrench will secure them, but an impact wrench will help get the bolts tight enough to withstand the vibrations and pressure.

Step 5: Mount Turbine Pole

Now you can place the metal pole onto the mounting bracket and tighten down with the center clamp. Make sure that it stands straight and does not wobble at all.

Step 6: Mount Turbine

After all the preparation work is completed you can now mount the vertical wind turbine. Have a friend help you lift the apparatus onto the metal pole and secure with the clamps and bolts that are supplied with the turbine kit.

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