How to Mount an Impact Sprinkler Head

An impact sprinkler.
  • 4-6 hours
  • Advanced
  • 1,000-2,000
What You'll Need
Impact sprinkler system
Core tool
Shovel or spade
Propane burner

An impact sprinkler is an effective irrigation system that can be used to water wide areas of lawns and gardens. The system works by spraying a radius of pressurized water to water a given surface area uniformly. It mimics the effect of rainfall to ensure that the grass on the lawn or the plants in the garden are well watered. Although installing a sprinkler system is an experienced plumber’s job, it can be a do-it-yourself project. For those who want to install their own sprinkler systems, here is a short guide on how to mount an impact sprinkler head.

Step 1 - Plan Out Where to Install the Sprinkler

Plan where to install the sprinkler system. Cut off that portion of the lawn where the hole will be placed and set it aside for replanting. Dig a hole on that spot where the impact sprinkler will be placed. The sprinkler head is to be mounted on top of the sprinkler as soon as it is placed in the hole.

Step 2 - Install the Sprinkler

Install the sprinkler in the designated area and install the saddle-T fitting as well according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Step 3 - Mount the Sprinkler Head

Push down and twist the impact sprinkler head into the middle of the saddle-T using a core tool. Cut a small hole from the pipe and screw down the barbed fitting on the saddle-T. Heat the end of the pipe that connects the saddle-T and the impact sprinkler head to expand the hole slightly. A propane burner will be sufficient for this task, but be careful not to overheat the pipe. A few seconds of heating will be enough. Afterward, push the tubing through the fitting.

Position the sprinkler head and cover the dug hole with soil. While filling the hole with soil, hold the sprinkler head in place while applying pressure on the soil. Continually fill the hole with soil and apply pressure until the entire hole is covered and is level with the ground. Make certain that the sprinkler’s head protective cap is in place during the mounting process. Screw the nozzle on the new head tightly to secure it in place.

Step 4 - Clean the Sprinkler Head and the Area Around it

After mounting the impact sprinkler head, flush any dirt on the sprinkler system with water and pour water on the soil used to backfill the hole. This will further compress the surrounding soil covering the sprinkler body. Replant the cut off lawn back on the area to cover the previously dug hole.

Step 5 - Test the Sprinkler

Turn on the water supply and prepare the sprinkler. Turn on the sprinkler and check if the sprinkler head works correctly. Inspect the head to find out if there are any loose connections or leakages. Make sure to tighten all loose connections.