How to Mount an Overhead Gun Rack in a Vehicle How to Mount an Overhead Gun Rack in a Vehicle

What You'll Need
Overhead gun rack
Metal drilling bit
Electric screwdriver
Tape measure

If you are an avid hunter, an overhead gun rack is almost a necessity for your car. The following article will show you how to mount and overhead gun rack.

Step 1 - Find Center

Being off from center can cause a problem when storing your guns. Use the tape measure and measure the length and the width of the ceiling. Mark the spot that is between both measurements.

Step 2 - Pilot Holes

You will most likely have to drill into metal, which makes a pilot hole crucial. If, however, you have a layer of wood or cardboard between the main area and the ceiling, you can skip this step. Hold the overhead gun rack assembly in place. Use the drill and create a hole smaller than the screws that came with the overhead gun rack. Use the holes in it as your guides.

Step 3 - Fastening the Overhead Gun Rack

Place one screw in a side and fasten to the ceiling and place another in the other side. You can now install the rest of the screws and the gun clips according to the instructions.

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