How to Mount and Load Spare Truck Tires How to Mount and Load Spare Truck Tires

What You'll Need
Measuring tape
Tire Mount
Power Drill
4 Bolts
4 Nuts
Tire Mount
If you own any sort of truck, you know how important your spare truck tires are. Anybody who's ever had a tire go flat on the road knows that not having a spare tire can create a disaster on the road that most of us would rather avoid, especially those without roadside assistance. This is particularly true when it comes to trucks, as trucks have a heavier load on their body and will end up getting more damage done to the rim if it is driven on without a tire, and a bent rim can make it nearly impossible to fit a new tire. In this article we will cover how to mount and load truck tires.

Step 1 Measure

The first thing you want to do is measure your spare tire size. You're doing this to make sure that the tire will fit inside of your truck's bed. For the most part it will, but it's better to be safe than sorry by knowing your measurements.

Step 2 Center Your Mount

Take your tire mount and center it. This is the piece of metal in the middle that will hold your spare tire in it's appropriate place. Use your measuring tape as a guide to make sure that it is centered. Finally, make 4 holes for your mount with a pencil. Make sure that you make even holes, otherwise you're not going to be able to follow your lines properly when placing your tire mount.

Step 3 Drill the Holes

Take a power drill and make the four holes that you're going to use for securing the bed. The drill should be able to go through the cargo area. Make sure of this so that you can use your three inch bolts in order to hold the mount and, subsequently, the tire in place.

Step 4 Place the Mount

Take your mount and place it over the holes that you just made. Take your lubricant and use it on the nuts (this will prevent corrosion). Take each of the bolts and place one bolt inside each hole.

Step 5 Screw it in

Screw them all in by hand and then tighten them with your wrench. Tighten them enough to fit but not so tight that you can't load your tire.

Step 6 Load your tire

Take your spare tire and place it horizontally on top of the tire mount. Make sure you have it placed so that it won't fall when you take your hand off of it.

Step 7 Tighten it up

After you've placed your tire on the mount, it's time to tighten the mount. Tighten it just enough to hold the tire in place but not tight enough to crack the metal, as this will lead to problems down the line.

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