How to Mount Roof Solar Panels

What You'll Need
Roof solar panels
Electrical wires
Bolts and nuts with washers
Metal flashings
Reflective roof coating
Metal cutter
Working cloves
Protective Eyeglasses

Roof solar panels are some of the most popular tools to harness the energy from the sun. Studies show that most types of solar panels that are made of silicon, glass and aluminum can last about 25 years! Another interesting fact about roof solar panels is that they are easy to install. Even if you are not an expert in solar panels and your carpentry skills are limited, you can mount roof solar panels without much trouble. To mount your roof solar panels, here is what you need to do.

Step 1 – Inspect Your Roof

Before you attempt to drag all your solar panels up on your roof, find a good spot to install your solar panels first. If you happen to live in the Northern Hemisphere, your solar panels should face south. On the other hand, if you live in the Southern Hemisphere, your roof solar panels should face north. As a general rule, the angles of your solar panels should be equivalent to your latitude plus 15 degrees during the winter and minus 15 degrees during the summer months. To get the latitude of your place, you may use a GPS.

Step 2 – Assemble the Roof Mounting Frame

After finding the right spot to install your roof solar panels, you may now put together your roof mounting frame. You may choose to assemble the root mounting frame on the ground and then hoist the frame up to the roof or you can assemble it directly on the roof. If you are working alone, it would be better to assemble your mounting frame on the roof. Hoisting a bulky frame to the roof on your own can be quite difficult so just bring up the mounting materials to the roof and work from there. When setting up the roof mounting frame, leave around 4 to 6 inches clearance between your roof and your mounting frame. After assembling the mounting frame, secure the frame onto the roof using heavy duty stainless bolts. See to it that the bolts go all the way through the rafters.

Step 3 – Bring the Solar Panels to the Roof

When you are done working on your mounting frame, you are ready to bring your solar panels up to the roof for installation. To avoid causing damage on the solar panels, keep the panels inside their original packaging when you bring them up to the roof.

Step 4 – Install the Solar Panels

Assemble the solar panels following the directions given by the manufacturer. Double-check the wiring system to make sure that everything is in its right places before you put the solar panel into the mounting frame. After putting the solar panels on the mounting frame, check the wiring system again before you apply the reflective coating.  

Step 5 – Apply Reflective Coating on the Roof

After securing the solar panels on the mounting frame, apply reflective roof coating on then connect solar panels to the inverter.