How to Mount Your Gas Tank on a Go Cart Engine

What You'll Need
A replacement engine (snowmobile or lawn mower engine will do)
Fuel tank
Fuel line
Face mask
Welding helmet
Eye goggles

Go kart engines, as with all engines, are not infallible todamage or disrepair. Go kart engines are the most important parts ofthe go kart, and your choice of engine depends on the speed in whichyou want your go kart to move. Replacing these engines is not anexpensive venture. Gas tanks are the next best thing but they come withtheir own disadvantages like having low torque and needing to be cooledwith water. They are also expensive and will need intensive maintenancein the long run, though mounting one on a go kart engine is notdifficult.  

Step 1 – Safety First

This type of project requires a rudimentary knowledge of engines asengine parts need to be fitted in their prospective slots for the gokart to function with minimal incident. Do not embark on anything inthe process that you do not understand fully. Also, ensure that thereare no flammable objects around the working area.

Step 2 - Removing the Go Kart Engine

This step should be simple enough. If you purchased your go kart,find its manual and follow the instructions, in reverse if need be. Donot forget to replace your seat before you mount the gas tank as thisallows your seat to be bolted in at the right angle to operate the kartwithout strain or incident. 

Step 3 - Mounting the Engine

Ensure you have a clutch and sprocket installed on your engine. Linethe engine on the motor mounts up with the bottom pieces and use thewrench to tighten this lightly as you will need to put on the chain.Depending on the engine particulars, you may need to weld it in. Afterinstalling your sprocket on the axle, put on the chain and ensure thatit rides the clutch and axle sprockets. Now adjust the engine until thechain reaches its proper tightness. This depends on how hard you wantit to be. There is no way of testing this hardness other than when youare actually riding the go kart.

Step 4 - Finishing the Job

Add the remaining components; the fuel tank, fuel line andtachometer. Fit in the fuel tank underneath the steering wheel. A knoband chassis should come together with this tank. Use the knob to boltthe tank into place to prevent it from shifting when you drive.

Take the fuel line hose and attach one end to the fuel tank itselfand the other end to the fuel intake slot. Ensure to secure this withcable wire to prevent leakage or any other danger involving leakingfuel.

Now attach the tachometer. These come with instruction manuals ifyou are stuck. However, the basic instruction involves the attachmentof the magnetic strip to the bottom plate of your gas tank engine withbolts and nuts then attaching the cord to the spark plug with someelectrical tape.