How to Move a Heavy Bookshelf Cabinet

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Moving a heavy bookshelf cabinet can be strenuous and dangerous. With the proper safety precautions, you can move it easily and safely.

Remove Books

You may think this step seems too time-consuming, or that you can simply tip the cabinet backward and the books will stay in place. However, this can easily turn into a much bigger problem than you expected. You could easily lose control of the cabinet so that it falls backward. The weight of the books, as well as the weight of the cabinet, will add momentum. Not only could you damage the cabinet and its contents, but you risk serious energy.

Unload the books a few at a time. Place them in boxes or even large laundry baskets so you can move them to the new location of the bookshelf cabinet.

Use Sliders

There are a variety of products available that help in moving heavy items. Most are placed under the corners of the furniture. They are made of a slick material like plastic that helps you push or pull the heavy pieces with ease. Some are even fitted with soft material to protect the edges of your furniture.

Sliding your bookshelf is not only easier than lifting, but it is safer as it prevents muscle strain in your back and shoulders.