How to Move a Metal Carport

What You'll Need
Tool set
Existing metal carport
Measuring tape

Moving a metal carport can seem like a tricky task, however it is as easy as taking it down and putting it up again! With the help of a few friends, you can get this project done in no time. Here are a few tools that you will need, along with some steps to help guide you through the process. 

Step 1 - Start at the Top

Consult the manual if you still have it to familiarize yourself with the carport before beginning. Many times, you can find the manual on line if you misplaced it or threw it away. Beginning at the top will allow you to remove the metal carport safely without damaging it. Have a partner hold on to one end of the roof and siding as you work on removing the other. Begin on one side and work your way carefully around, removing the bolts and screws with a screwdriver and wrench. Be sure to keep them in a safe place so that you can reassemble the carport once it's moved. 

Step 2 - Remove the Frame

Now that you have the roofing and siding off, you can work on the supports and frame. Start with the purlins, which support the actual frame. Then follow with removing the girts and top rails. While you may not need someone to help you with the ladder, it is a good idea to hand off the pieces to someone nearby. Then, take care of the bottom parts of the frame. The uprights and bottom rails can be removed and taken apart from each other. While this task is pretty simple to figure out, you will want to make sure that you keep each section together as you are removing so that the reassembly goes smoothly. 

Step 3 - Measure and Move

Now that you have taken it apart and are familiar with the pieces, you can move them to the new spot. Be sure to measure out the area first so that you know it fits. Also, rake and level the ground where you are building so that you have a sturdy structure to build on. 

Step 4 - Build Frame

Now you can begin to build the frame starting with the uprights and rails. Have someone hold the parts as you screw them back together so that they are assembled evenly. Once you have installed the uprights and rails, you can move on to the grits, trusses and purlins. Use a screwdriver or drill to replace all of the hardware that you removed earlier when taking it apart. 

Step 5 - Build Roof

Once your frame is secure, you can build the roof. Like the disassembly, you will want to have someone holding on to the other side as you work to install it. Begin on one side, with a partner on the other and work your way around slowly as you bolt and screw the roof back on.