How to Move a Queen Sized Bed

Whether moving houses or just changing the look of a room, you should know how to move a bed with the fewest problems. Read on to learn how to effectively move the mattress of a queen-sized bed without wasting time or effort.

Moving a Queen Mattress

Most mattresses do not have handles on them, which makes them difficult to maneuver. To compensate, make your own convenient handles. First, use 2 fitted sheets overlapping each other to protect the mattress from dirt and damage.

Use 2 flat sheets to create handles that will enable you to carry the mattress. With the mattress propped on its side, lay one sheet on the ground and place the long side of the mattress on it. At one end, pull the edges taut and tie a knot and do the same on the other side of the mattress. Repeat this process on the top side of the mattress so that you have a top and bottom handle.  

With the help of one other person, you can now easily move your queen mattress. Use the bottom knot to lift and the top knot to guide your mattress to its new location.