How to Move a Storage Shed

A storage shed.
  • 2-6 hours
  • Beginner
  • 1-50
What You'll Need
Stout rope
What You'll Need
Stout rope

Sometimes a storage shed needs to be moved when you are remodeling your garden. Other times it needs to be moved because it is no longer convenient where it is. So how do you move it?

Step 1 - Decide Where to Move it To

Once you have decided to make the move, decide where the shed will be moved to. Make sure that the area is large enough.

Step 2 - Check the Shed

Examine the shed and make sure that it is structurally sound. If it has been built on a brick plinth you might be able to check the bottom of the shed for any damage.

Step 3 - Prepare the New Site

Get the new site leveled and ready to accept the shed. If you are going to want the shed on another plinth you should build it before moving the shed.

Step 4 - Empty the Shed

The shed will be a lot easier to move if it is empty. It will also suffer less stress and be less likely to be damaged. Either move the shed contents towards the new shed location or stack them out of the way.

Step 5 - Lift the Shed

To make sure that the shed will move freely from the ground once it is empty, lift each corner.

Step 6 - Drag the Shed

A shed.

If the shed is light enough and moves easily you could simply drag it to the new location. This will be fairly easy for two people to do. They will need a stout rope that they can place under the leading edge of the shed. By grabbing the rope they will be able to lift the leading edge and then simply start pulling. The shed can be moved into the final position.

Step 7 - Use Rollers

If dragging the shed is not possible, find several round fence posts or long metal tubes to use as rollers. Raise the leading edge of the shed and place the first roller underneath. Push and pull the shed on to the roller and then place another roller under the shed. Keep repeating this until the shed is in the right place. You will need to bring the rollers from the back of the shed to the front as you move it further.

Step 8 - Position the Shed

Once the move has been completed, settle the shed onto the area you prepared for it. Make sure that it is level and that there is no movement in the shed as you move about inside it.

Step 9 - Return the Shed Contents

A shed.

Once the shed is ready, replace all the contents that you removed. This will give you a chance to sort out any rubbish and get rid of it.

Moving a garden shed is a simple task that can be completed in a couple of hours.