How to Move an Above-Ground Pool

What You'll Need
Various spanners
Pool installation instructions if available
Pool liner
Stake and rope
Rope to tie the rolled pool wall

Moving an above ground pool is a lengthy but not too difficult task. It calls for a methodical approach and average DIY skills.

Step 1 – Decide Where the Pool is to be Moved To

Check the suitable locations and choose one that will support the pool.

Step 2 – Empty the Pool and Prepare the New Site

Empty the pool. While the pool is emptying you can start to prepare the new site. You need to level it and mark out where the pool will sit. Use a rope the length of the radius of the pool tied to a stake to mark the circumference of the pool in the new location.

Step 3 – Dismantle the Pool

Starting at the top of the pool, take the pool apart. If you have built a surround, that must come down first. If it will help, mark each piece as you remove it so you know where to replace it when you are rebuilding the pool. If you still have the instructions for constructing the pool, follow these in reverse and the job will be much easier.

Step 4 – The Pool Liner

Before you can roll the pool wall you need to remove the above ground pool liner. The likelihood is that it will be much better to replace the pool liner with a new one. The old liner will be difficult to handle and quite fragile.

Step 5 – The Bottom Rail and Base Plates

With the wall removed you can now get at the bottom rail and base plates. These might be rusty. Handle them carefully. If they have lost a lot of strength you might have to replace some of them.

Step 6 – Move the Parts

Take all the parts of the pool to the new location and arrange them so that you will be able to access them in the correct order for rebuilding. Be careful not to lose nuts and bolts.

Step 7 - Start to Re-build

Provided that you have leveled the new site, lay out the base plates and bottom rail on the marked line. With luck it should be clear what adjustment you need to make between each rail to create the proper circumference but try not to make too many assumptions. Follow the construction instructions if you still have them or the order in which you removed parts.

Step 8 - Prepare the Pool Base

Once the wall is standing you can use a good layer of sand inside to create a level base for the new pool liner to lie on. Make the base as smooth as possible. Remember that the weight of water on the pool liner can drive even a small irregularity through it so do not rush this aspect.

Once the base is leveled it is simply a matter of replacing the supports and bracing for the pool wall after the new liner is fitted before you can think about filling the pool and replacing the pool surround.